Testimonial to Magic Hills - 5 Stars

As the CTO of Superbrands Limited, it is my responsibility to ensure that our digital content is presented in the most effective and reliable way across our 100+ country website network. For over a decade, Magic Hills' Wonderplugin suite has been instrumental in achieving this goal. Their plugins are, without doubt, the most useful set of tools for managing every type of website content, whether it be images, galleries, carousels, videos, PDFs, posts, links, and more.

One of the standout features for us has been the ability to host our multimedia content on Amazon S3, which simplifies the distribution of our publications on a global scale. This capability alone has made a significant difference in how we share our 40,000+ clients brand's stories with the world.

Moreover, in the past 10 years the support provided by Wonderplugin has been consistently fast and helpful. It's reassuring to know that behind this robust toolkit is a team ready to assist with any questions or issues that arise.

I highly recommend all their plugins to other web developers in the industry. Thanks to Wonderplugin, I can honestly say that I've been able to avoid any sleepless nights worrying about our website's performance and content delivery. It’s just the dogs that keep me awake!

Simon Goddard, CTO, Superbrands Limited. London, 2024/03/15

Excellent Audio Solution for WordPress

We are planning a customized subscription service for a large library of audio recordings. We want a place that is NOT like YouTube, so went looking for the best audio player for our purpose, and works well with WordPress.

Voila! The Wonder Audio Player does it all! We can create a player for a single recording or for an entire playlist with just a few clicks! We can choose the best 'skin' for the purpose -- we like Jukebox the best for our playlists -- and easily copy the short code to the appropriate web page.

We also really appreciate the support from the WonderPlugin.com team! They even added an option to hide the page code URL for the audio and the cover image to minimize the chance of piracy by a subscriber.

Bottom line -- Wonder Audio Player is the best. Best functions, best ease of use, best options, and best support.


Marty in CA, USA, Site Owner and Solution Designer, 2019/11/22

Great job!

Thank you for your plugin, there is a lot off possiblities in dashboard.
Also thanks for quick support, which helped me set the 3D plugin in detail.

Martin, Administrator, 2019/06/10

You will “wonder” how you worked without these plugins

For a year, a tried the mega bundle on three of our websites. They exceeded my expectations. I've used all of these plugins, and I can't imagine working without them. I was skeptical about signing up for "lifetime" updates and support, but by the end of the first year, it was the only thing that made sense. These plugins solve a tremendous amount of design issues and make updates to your site simple and fast with the shortcodes. Flexibility, intuitive and most important ... real value for the buck. Not only do I get regular updates into my WordPress dashboard, but the support and response time are far above the industry average for software vendors... fast and courteous.. and these guys are problem solvers. You tell them what you are trying to achieve and they'll help you find an answer. It all adds up to outstanding value for the whole suite of plugins and the never ending, 5 star support. Thank you for these amazing, wonderful plugins.

Rich, Owner, Jazz Radio Network, 2018/01/19

Easy to customize, great customer support!

I had some custom adjustments I needed to make to the plugin in addition the awesome CSS transition effects already provided by this plugin. I contacted support, told them my needs and within 24 hours they sent me the code to make the changes I needed. For a premium plugin, that's some of the best and quickest support I've gotten! Totally worth the money and easy to install too!

Leanna, Owner, See Level Marketing, 2017/01/15

Best team ever!

I recommend WonderPlugin Gallery, a very good product with a lot of useful features. I also recommend WonderPlugin team, they are always working for improving their products, more than that they have the best e-mail support and they can help you with any request that you may have. Keep up the good work, thank you!

Cristi I., Photographer, CKfoto, 2016/11/03

Wonderful Plugin!

My Marketing team has been using this product for several months now and has loved it from day one. It's intuitive and easy to manage, even for people with little HTML experience. Moreover, when an code conflict arose with a recent update, the WonderPlugin team was incredibly quick and responsive in working with us to find a solution. All around, this is a very good product and I definitely recommend it 🙂

Karen Cornell, 2016/08/26

Perfect WP slider | Quick support

WonderPlugin WordPress slider is one of the best slider available. It is providing rich set of features/configuration to manage sliders. Most importantly support is really great. Support team analyze smallest detail of customization requirements or issue and reply in no time. Great plugin to use.

Ashish Ajani, 2016/06/29

Excellent! Does everything I need and the service is fantastic.

Wonderplugin Carousel is a very easy to use, straightforward and powerful carousel that does what it does very very well. The service is also amazing, I had a few functionality requests and my queries were responded to within a very short space of time (i.e. 1 or 2 hours). They helped me either by provided me extra CSS code and telling me what to do, or in one case actually building the functionality I was requesting. It's clean and simple and so much better than other's i've tried. If I were to ask for one additional function it would be some different transitions but I guess that's why it's called a carousel and not a slider! Thanks guys a brilliant piece of kit! 5/5

Matt Thomas, Founder, Music Support, 2016/06/18