Download & Install

All our premium plugins are distributed under "try-before-you-buy" principle. This means that you can download the premium plugins for free (free versions have some limitations, though), try them, and make sure our plugins work for you before you make a purchasing decision. We encourage you to try it out first!

The free versions will add a text watermark on the created elements (slider, carousel, gallery, player etc) which links to the plugin homepage. The paid commercial versions will remove the watermark and all limitations.

By downloading or using the plugins, you agree to the Terms of Use.


Plugin Version Release Date Download What's New
WonderPlugin 3D Carousel 2.4 December 4, 2018 What's New
WonderPlugin Audio Player 8.1 February 14, 2019 What's New
WonderPlugin Carousel 15.0 March 19, 2019 What's New
WonderPlugin Gallery 12.0 March 22, 2019 What's New
WonderPlugin Lightbox 7.2 December 15, 2018 What's New
WonderPlugin Popup 5.9 February 28, 2019 What's New
WonderPlugin Portfolio Grid Gallery 14.7 March 10, 2019 What's New
WonderPlugin Slider 10.7 December 2, 2018 What's New
WonderPlugin Tabs 6.1 December 6, 2018 What's New

Install the Plugins

There are two methods to install the downloaded plugin ZIP file in your WordPress.

You could directly upload the plugin ZIP file in your WordPress backend or you could extract the ZIP file on your local computer first, then FTP the plugin folder to your FTP web server. Please view the following tutorials: