How to create WordPress email subscription popups for iContact

This tutorial will guide you how to connect to your iContact account and create a WordPress email subscription popup or an email sign-up form with WordPress Popup Plugin.

To connect to iContact, you need to generate an iContact application ID, enable the application for your account and create a password for it.

Step 1: Select iContact from the Email Subscription Service List

In WonderPlugin Popup plugin, create a new popup or edit an existing popup, click Email Service on the left navigation menu, then select iContact from the Email Subscription List.


Step 2: Generate an Application ID

Login your iContact account, then visit the link

Enter the name and description for your application, then click the button Get App ID to create an application ID.


Step 2: Enable the App ID for your Account

After the App ID is created, in the next step, click the link enable this AppId for your account.


Step 3: Create a Password for the Application

In the next step, enter a password and click the Save button.


Step 4: Select a Contacts List

Enter your iContact username (maybe your iContact email address), the Application ID and the Application Password (This is the password you entered in above step 3, not your iContact password) to WonderPlugin Popup plugin.

Click the Apply button. After the options are saved, choose a value from the Contacts list.

Enable Double Opt-in

To enable double opt-in in iContact, you need to define a confirmation message then enter the confirmation message ID to the plugin.

To define a confirmation message and find its ID in iContact:

1. Log into your iContact account, click top menu Contacts -> Sign-up Forms.

2. Click the button Create HTML Form, then follow the steps and create a sign-up form

3. After you have created the form, click the link Add Message in the form list, then you can choose Create Text-Only Email or Create from Web Page:

iContact WordPress Email Form

iContact WordPress Email Form

4. After you click the link, in the message editor, find the message ID from the URL, then click the button Save Conformation Email.

iContact WordPress Email Form Double Opt-in