How to Register Commercial Version and Upgrade the Plugin to the Latest Version

This tutorial will guide you how to register the commercial version then upgrade the plugin in your WordPress website backend. To follow this tutorial, the plugin you are using must be the commercial version and it's in the Free Upgrade period.

To upgrade a commercial version plugin to its latest version:

Step 1: Log into the membership area, click License Key and Register on the left menu, copy your license key.

Step 2: Log into your WordPress backend, on the left menu, goto the menu item The Plugin Name (e.g. WonderPlugin Carousel or WonderPlugin Slider) -> Register, enter your license key, then click the button Register.

Step 3: After your website is successfully registered, goto the WordPress left menu Dashboard -> Updates, click the button Check Again.

Step 4: If there is a new version available, the upgrade information will be listed on the page. You can select the plugin and update it.

Clear Cache: If you have installed a WordPress js/css minify plugin or WordPress cache plugin for example, W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, empty all caches from the plugin. Please also clear caches of your web browser before testing.

Alternative Method

If you do not want to enter your license key and register your commercial version, you could upgrade the plugin manually. For how to manually upgrade the plugin, please view the tutorial: