Change the gap between big picture and thumbnail navigation of skins with a vertical navigation carousel


* This question is for WordPress slider skin that has a vertical navigation carousel on the right side, for example: FeatureList, Vertical and VerticalNumber.

Yesterday I bought the enterprise version of the wonder plugin (slider).

I have the latest version of WordPress running.
I am really happy with the plugin, but i have one question.

Can i make the padding or the margin between the big picture and the thumbnails smaller?
I have enclosed an screenshot. Where the arrow points the space must be altered.

Thanks for your time.


Firstly, please check whether you are using Version 1.7 or above, if not, please goto your membership area and download the latest version.

To change the margin between the big picture and right side navigation carousel:

In Step 3, Options tab, Advanced Options, enter the following text in the Advanced Options field: