Customize Text Effect of WordPress Slider Plugin


WordPress Slider Plugin Version 3.2 and above


I’ve downloaded your wonder plugin slider. It’s a really nice tool and the text navigation is exactly what I’ve been looking for to use on a website I’m working on.

When creating images for the slider there are fields to enter the title and description. The title shows up in the navigation text, but what about the description? I’d like to be able to have the image show with the title and description on the right side of slider, while still keeping the tabbed text navigation. Is this possible through CSS, or an available option in the commercial version?


Firstly, please download and upgrade to the Version 3.2: The following steps only work for Version 3.2 and above.

1. In the slider plugin, step 2, choose the skin "Text Navigation ".

2. In step 3, Options tab, click button Text effect, then on the right panel, choose "Bottom Bar" from the "pre-defined text effect" list, then uncheck the option "Auto hide text".

3. In step 3, Options tab, click button Advanced Options, then on the right panel, enter the following text to the Custom CSS field:

.amazingslider-text-wrapper-SLIDERID {
  width: 40% !important;
  height: 100% !important;
  left: auto !important;
  right: 0px !important;

4. Go back to the "Text effect" panel, you can customize the background color by changing "Text background CSS", and customize the text size and color with "Title CSS" and "Description CSS".

A demo is as following:

Read more:

Here is another tutorial of how to customize the Text Navigation skin: How to customize the color of WordPress Slider text navigation skin.