Create a WordPress custom fields carousel for WP Types


WonderPlugin Carousel


I created custom post types with the plugin WP Types. It also allows me to create custom fields for the elements… so I used it to create an image field where the user can select a logo to upload.

I'm using the Carousel plugin with a custom post type as the source: Wonderful! I didn’t know it was possible and thought I would need to use a shortcode (for WP Views)…

The only problem is: for the image source, the default is %featured_image%... I would like to change that to my logo field (called logo), but logo or %logo% doesn’t work… Can we use a custom field, and how?


(The answer was provided by the customer).

I think I found it! By enabling WP's custom fields, I realised that WP Types adds the prefix wpcf- (for WordPress Custom Fields) before the field’s name… So, using %wpcf-logo% works now!