How to add Facebook videos to WordPress carousel


WonderPlugin Carousel


This tutorial will guide you how to add Facebook videos to a WordPress carousel slider created with WonderPlugin Carousel plugin.

Step 1 - Get the Facebook video embed src

1. Click the down arrow on the top right of the Facebook video, then choose Embed from the drop down menu list.


2. Copy the code in the Embed dialog.


3. Paste the code to a text editor and copy the value of the src attribute.


Step 2 - Add the Facebook video to the WordPress carousel

1. In WonderPlugin Carousel plugin, step 1 Images & Videos dialog, click the Add Image button.

2. In the Add Image dialog, for the input box "Enter image URL", select an image to display in the carousel slider.

3. Un-check the option "Open current image in Lightbox", paste the Facebook video src to the input box "click to open web link", and check the option "Open web link in Lightbox".