How to create a carousel to show WooCommerce products with discounted price


WonderPlugin Carousel


This tutorial will show you how to create a WordPress carousel to display WooCommerce products with discounted price.

Basically you create a product tag in WooCommerce, edit the products and assign the tag, then use WonderPlugin Carousel to select the tag.

Step 1 - Define a product tag in WooCommerce

In your WordPress dashboard, left menu, click Products -> Tags, add a new tag Promotion.

Step 2 - Assign the new tag to all WooCommerce products with discounted price

You can edit the products one by one and add the tag to each product.

In Products page, you could also select multiple products, select Edit in the Bulk Actions list, then edit all products at once. Make sure to click the Update button to save the changes that you have made.

Step 3 - Create a carousel to show WooCommerce products with the tag

In WonderPlugin Carousel, create a new carousel, in step 1, click the button "Add WooCommerce / Custom Post Type".

In the "Add WooCommerce / Custom Posts" dialog, select "Custom post type: product", then select "Taxonomy: product_tag" and select the term "Promotion".

You could use %wc_price_html% to display the product price. For all available macro variables, please view the tutorial How to create a WooCommerce Product Carousel

Save the carousel and add the carousel shortcode to your WordPress page or post.