Open Audio Player in Fancybox


Im a new WordPress developer and developing a website for my client where client provided me "WonderPlugin Audio Player"

The requirement is that the player need to be play inside the fancy-box ,I implemented it but it generating few error and not playing the file.

TypeError: this.flashObject is null"amazingflashaudioplayer-"

What I do in such a case please need help on this matter

Does the plugin support inside fancybox?


You can try the following way to do it:

1. Download Amazing Audio Player application: It has the same JavaScript core as WonderPlugin Audio Player and can create same players. But it's a Windows/Mac application.

2. Create your player in the application, in Publish dialog, choose "Publish to folder". This will create all files for the audio player.

3. Upload all of the files, including all of the subfolders, to your web server.

4. Use fancybox to open the file "audioplayer.html".

If you are an experienced WordPress developer, you can also do it with WonderPlugin Audio Player:

1. Create a special WordPress page template, which does not have the normal header and footer.

2. Create a WordPress page with the above template, then paste the audio player shortcode to this page. This will create a page with only the player inside.

3. Open the above page with fancybox, or with WonderPlugin Lightbox Plugin