How to open an inner tab in nested WordPress tabs by clicking a weblink


Wonder Tabs


I have a list of vertical Tabs and then within the List I have another List of vertical Tabs. Now by clicking a hyperlink I want to land on one of the inner tabs.


By default, you can add a URL query string tabid to the end of the URL to open a tab on page load. The tabid starts from 0 . For example, the following URL will open the 3rd tab on page load:

If there are multiple tab groups on the same page, or there are inner tabs inside a nested tab group, you can use URL parameter tabidTABGROUPID to specify the active tabid for each Wonder tab group. The TABGROUPID is the ID of the Wonder tab group.

For example, the following URL will open the 7th tab of the outside main tab group and the 3rd tab of the inner nested tab:

The ID of the main tab group is 1, so the URL parameter is tabid1. The ID of the inner nested vertical tab group is 13, so the URL parameter is tabid13.

Please note, when adding url queries or parameters to a URL, the first parameter needs to be concatenated with a question mark ?, the second and after need to use the and mark &.