How to convert your video to HTML5 compatible

This tutorial will show you how to convert your video file to HTML5 compatible.

Convert to MP4 Format

MP4 format is supported by Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, iPhone, iPad, Android and Flash. In this tutorial, we use the freeware Handbrake to convert MP4 videos.

Step 1 - Download Handbrake

Handbrake is an open source, GPL-licensed application for encoding MP4 video. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Step 1 - Convert your video with Handbrake

HandBrake has a graphic interface which is straightforward and easy to use.

In the main dialog, click the Open Source button and select a video file.

On the top right of the dialog, click the button "Presets".

In the Presets menu, select the option Web -> Vimeo YouTube HQ 720p60 or Vimeo YouTube 720p30.

If you change the default options, make sure you check the option "Web Optimized". The option is also known as "Fast start" or "Progressive downloading". It places the video header at the start of the file and allows your video to start playing while it's still downloading.

At the bottom of the dialog, select a folder to save the converted video file.

Click Start and wait for the encoding complete.

Convert to WebM Format

Firefox and Opera do not support MP4. To play with HTML5 in Firefox and Opera, you need to provide an extra WebM video. To convert your video to Firefox compatible WebM format, you could use the free extension