How to track tab clicks with Google Analytics


WonderPlugin Tabs version 4.6 and above


For your WordPress tabs plugin, does it work with Google Analytics? Is there an way to allow me to find out "pageview" for each individual tab?


In the plugin, step 3 Options tab -> "Tab Options", check the option "Enable Google Analytics", then enter your Google tracking ID to the following input box. Google Analytics tracking ID has a format like UA-XXXXXXXX-1.

The tab clicks will be logged as page views in your Google Analytics account, and it will add a URL parameter tabid=TABID to the current page URL. The TABID starts from 0.

For example, for the tabs on the page, one click of the second tab will be logged as one page view of /wordpress-tabs/?tabid=1 in Google Analytics, one click of the third tab will be logged as /wordpress-tabs/?tabid=2.