Hide Lightbox Navigation Arrows


Hi there,

Is there any code I can use within the script when calling a lightbox to disable the navigation arrows?

As Lightbox cannot auto detect connection speed of the computer accessing my site, I have created a lightbox with a gallery on it underneath that’s a bit of a workaround. When a thumbnail (play video) image is clicked on in my page, lightbox launches with an image. I have made a gallery that displays under the image to either stream HD content, SD content or Low Res content. Works great, but the navigation arrows appear when you hover over the video. I just want to remove these on the video light boxes, but not on the photo ones I have running elsewhere on the site, so I’m not looking for a universal code, just something in the script that calls the lightbox like “navarrows=false” or something like that.

Is that possible?

Many thanks for the help!


If you want to hide the arrows on specific pages, you can add the following CSS code to these pages:

<style type="text/css">
#html5-prev {
  display: none !important;
#html5-next {
  display: none !important;