Read title and description from WordPress Media Library


I am using WonderPlugin Gallery. Regarding the CAPTIONS: is there a way to display the images captions that already exists in the WordPress Media Library? (and which are usually edited here)

(as i understand the concept of the wonderplugins the captions are driven and stored in a different database?)


When you add an image from Media Library, it will use "title" in the Media Library as the title, and use "description" in the Media Library as the description.

After the image is added from Media Library, any change in the Media Library will NOT be reflected into the gallery.

WordPress Gallery Media Library

Allow Editors access the WordPress gallery plugin


I have recently discovered and tried WonderPlugin Gallery and it is clearly the best gallery plugin that I have ever tried. So, thanks a lot for a such plugin. However, I found a quite annoying issue: it is not possible to handle galleries using a non-administrator account, so users with "editor" rights can not create nor modify galleries. Therefore I would like to know if you plan to add a such feature in a near future?


This feature is supported in new version 1.6.

In the Settings page, you can you can set the minimum user role to Administrator, Editor or Author.

WordPress Gallery User Roles

Remove watermark in commercial version


I just purchased the WonderPlugin Gallery Commercial Version 1.5 after trying the free version.

However the watermark “WonderPlugin” is still showing in every video.

How can that be corrected?


Please follow this tutorial to upgrade to the commercial version:

Please also clear caches of your web browser before testing.