How to track WordPress video play events with Google Analytics

This tutorial will show you how to track WordPress video play events with Google Analytics.

There are 4 steps in this tutorial:

  • Step 1 - Install the WordPress plugin Wonder Gallery
  • Step 2 - Create a video player or video gallery with Wonder Gallery
  • Step 3 - Add Google Analytics Tracking ID to the gallery
  • Step 4 - View WordPress video play events in Google Analytics

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DailyMotion WordPress Video Gallery


WordPress Gallery


When searching for a WordPress plugin Embedded Video player that supports Dailymotion, your site always comes up as being DailyMotion compatible. How do I display videos which I have on my DailyMotion profile?


Our plugin WordPress Gallery supports DailyMotion.

1. In your DailyMotion video page, click the link Export, then copy the Permalink.

2. In WonderPlugin Gallery, step 1, click the button Add DailyMotion, enter the link and add the DailyMotion to the video gallery.

DailyMotion WordPress Gallery

8MB Upload Size Limit


WonderPlugin Gallery, WonderPlugin Slider, WonderPlugin Portfolio Grid Gallery


Is 8MB the largest upload size you offer with the WordPress portfolio grid gallery? I tried to add a video file but the video was way too large.


8MB is a limit from your web server.

You need to change the web server PHP configuration file to change the limit. If you are using a shared web hosting, you need to contact your web hosting provider and ask them to make the change.

Or you can upload the video file to your web server via FTP client software, then add the video URL link directly to the plugin.