WonderPlugin Audio Player JavaScript API

This post will show you how to use JavaScript to control the WonderPlugin Audio Player.

The following JavaScript will play the audio:


In the above code, 1 is the id of the audio player. wonderpluginaudio-1 is the id of the created player DIV.

If the id of your player is 2, you need to change the id value accordingly:


To pause the player:


The function audioRun(index, autoplay) will jump to the specified audio. The index starts from 0. For example, the following function will jump to the second audio and play it:

jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").audioRun(1, true);

To goto the previous audio:

jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").audioRun(-2, true);

To goto the next audio:

jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").audioRun(-1, true);

The following four text links will play, pause, jump to the second audio and jump to the fifth audio in the following player:

<a onclick='jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").playAudio();'>Click to Play</a>

<a onclick='jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").pauseAudio();'>Click to Pause</a>

<a onclick='jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").audioRun(1, true);'>Jump to Second Audio and Play</a>

<a onclick='jQuery("#wonderpluginaudio-1").data("object").audioRun(4, true);'>Jump to Fifth Audio and Play</a>

The demo is as following:

Click to Play
Click to Pause
Jump to Second Audio and Play
Jump to Fifth Audio and Play