Show the carousel above the gallery


I've just found out about your Photo & Video Gallery recently and I absolutely love it. I'm considering buying the commercial licence but before I do, I want to check with you about a feature that I can't figure out.

I am using the skin Gallery. In Gallery Options, there's a 'Show Thumbnail Carousel" checkbox, which only shows the carousel below the main display. I would love to have the carousel above it, but I don't see an option for that. Is this possible at all, perhaps through CSS? Thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing from you.


Yes, you can use custom css to do it.

In step 3, Options tab, click Advanced Options button, then enter the following text to the custom css field:

.html5gallery-car-0 {
   position: absolute !important;
   top: auto !important;
   left: 0 !important;
   right: auto !important;
   bottom: 100% !important;

.html5gallery-container-0 {
   margin-top: 102px !important;

A demo is as following: