How to play mp3 files hosted on Google Drive


WonderPlugin Audio Player

This tutorial will guide you how to play mp3 files hosted on Google Drive with WonderPlugin Audio Player.

The key point is to share the mp3 files publicly in Google Drive, then get the direct link of the mp3 file and enter the mp3 URL to the plugin.

Updated on December 12th 2016: As I tested today, the mp3 file hosted on Google Drive plays on all desktop web browsers, but does not play on iOS Safari (iPhone & iPad). It plays on iOS Chrome and Android. I think it may be a problem with iOS Safari and it may change in future iOS versions. Please do not host your mp3 files on Google Drive if you need your player to be fully compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Step 1 - Upload mp3 files to a folder in Google Drive

Create a folder in your Google Drive and upload all of the mp3 files to this folder.

Step 2 - Share the mp3 and get the direct URL

Please use the online tool to get the Google Drive direct URL of the mp3 file:

Google Drive Direct URL Generator

Step 3- Enter the mp3 link to the WordPress Audio Player Plugin

In WonderPlugin Audio Player, step 1, click Add Audio dialog, enter the mp3 link to the MP3 URL text box.