WordPress Gallery Plugin Quick Start Guide

Menu options

When the plugin is installed and activated, it will add a menu tab to the main navigation menu of the WordPress dashboard. There are three items in the menu: display overview page, create a new gallery and manage created galleries.

WordPress Gallery Plugin


The overview page displays the links to create a new gallery, manage existing galleries and view help document. It also displays the latest news from WonderPlugin.com.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

Create a new gallery

In the General Options tab, you can enter a name for the gallery and configure its width and height.

In the Designing tab, you can add images and videos from WordPress media library, add YouTube and Vimeo video links, select a skin, configure the gallery options and preview the gallery instantly.

After you finish the design, you can click the button Save & Publish to create the slider.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

Embed the gallery to post, page and theme

In the gallery designing page, after you click the button Save & Publish, it will provide the shortcode that you can use to embed the gallery to a post or page. You can also use the provided PHP code snippet to embed the gallery to the template.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

Manage created galleries

The Manage Galleries page will list all created galleries. You can view, edit and delete an existing gallery, or clone it to create a new gallery with same play list and options.

WordPress Gallery Plugin