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So I fell in love with the free version of your Wonder Plugin Slider so I decided to upgrade to the commercial version. Now that I've deployed it on a site I'm working on for my company, I'm having trouble getting it to display properly on my page.

Specifically, I'm trying to create a space between your plugin and another plugin I'm using to display some logos. I've tried entering blank lines, tried the
tags, but nothing seems to work.

I'm not sure if this is a WordPress problem or something you can help with, but a response would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Very Respectfully


You can add the following HTML code between the two plugins, this will create a gap between them.

<div style="margin-top:100px;"></div>

You can change the margin top to a different value.

Responsive WordPress Slider on iPhone


I have been searching for several days now and run into your plug-in. I gotta say for ease of use, and quality it is the best one out there. I am ready to go pro, but here is my problem. I downloaded the FREE version made a video slider used the short code and placed it on my site. It looked great, but then when I looked at the site on my iPhone 5 it had not sized the slider down it was “huge" compared to the other images and threw everything off to one side in the iPhone browser. Is this something your technical folks have experienced and know about. Maybe they are working on an update.

I’m just frustrated cause I want this to be my solution and having it up and running yesterday.


I don't know which plugin you are using: WonderPlugin Gallery https://www.wonderplugin.com/wordpress-gallery/ or WonderPlugin Slider https://www.wonderplugin.com/wordpress-slider/. But here is the solution for both plugins:

In the Gallery/Slider editor, step 3, Options tab, there is an option Support responsive web design, please check it.

Responsive WordPress Slider