Different texts for big screens and mobile devices


WordPress Slider Plugin


It isn't possible to have two different texts?

One that is long and works in "big screens" and one that works on phones etc?


In your title, you can try to enter HTML code like following:

<span class="largescreen">This title is for large screen</span><span class="smallscreen">This title is for small screen</span>

Then in the plugin, step 3, Options tab, Advanced Options, enter the following text to the Custom CSS box:

.largescreen {
  display: block;
.smallscreen {
  display: none;

@media (max-width: 640px) {
  .largescreen {
    display: none;
  .smallscreen {
    display: block;

The above CSS code will hide the text of class largescreen and show the text of class smallscreen when the screen width is less than 640px.

Customize Text Effect of WordPress Slider Plugin


WordPress Slider Plugin Version 3.2 and above


I’ve downloaded your wonder plugin slider. It’s a really nice tool and the text navigation is exactly what I’ve been looking for to use on a website I’m working on.

When creating images for the slider there are fields to enter the title and description. The title shows up in the navigation text, but what about the description? I’d like to be able to have the image show with the title and description on the right side of slider, while still keeping the tabbed text navigation. Is this possible through CSS, or an available option in the commercial version?

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Change background color the WordPress Slider


In the slider can one change the background color of the container via the interface instead of altering CSS?


You can place the slider inside a div container, and change the background color this "container".

For example:

<div style="background-color:#333;">
[wonderplugin_slider id="39"]

The demo is as following:

Customize the WonderPlugin Slider Text Navigation Skin


WonderPlugin Slider


I just purchased the wonder plugin slider. It's great but I just have one question.

I am using the 'wordpress slider with text navigation' option. I was wondering if there was a way of changing that background red colour and the dark grey to my custom colours?


I have inspected the code and there doesn't seem to be a class I can associate a colour with.

Would really appreciate your help!


In the plugin, step 3, Options tab, Advanced Options, you can enter the following text to the Advanced Options field:

data-navthumbtitlecss="display:block;position:relative;padding:14px;text-align:center;font-size:12px; text-transform:uppercase;color:#231f20;"

The 1st line data-navbordercolor will change the background color of the thumbnail navigations.
The 2nd line data-navborderhighlightcolor will change the highlight color.
The 3rd line data-navthumbtitlecss can be used to change text size and format.
The 4th line data-navthumbtitlehovercss is to change to the text color of highlighted tabs
The 5th line data-navshowfeaturedarrow is to hide the red arrow.
The 6th line data-timercolor is to change the color of the bottom progress line.

The demo is as following:

Centring WordPress jQuery slider


I have uploaded one of your sliders on to my WordPress website that I am building for my company and I can't seem to work out how to centre it on the page.

I hope you can help me out.


WonderPlugin Slider sets its margin-left and margin-right properties to auto, so it will center itself to its container by default.

If for some reason it does not center on your webpage, you can try to place the slider inside another div, then center the div, for example, you can use code as following:

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;">
<div style="width:400px;margin:0 auto;">
[wonderplugin_slider id="37"]

In the above code, the outer div has a width property 100%, it will have the same width as your webpage.

The inner div should have the same width as your slider. The width value can be pixels, for example "400px", or in percent, for example "80%". Its margin property "0 auto" will place the inner div to the center of the outer div.

How to add link to WonderPlugin Slider description


What I’m trying to do is add a link to the slider where the description is, I need like a learn more link.


To add a link in the description, you can directly enter HTML code

For example, you can enter the following text to the description field:

This is the description of WonderPlugin Slider. <br /><a href="https://www.wonderplugin.com" target="_blank">Learn More</a>

In the above code, <br /> adds a line break to the description, the a tag adds a link to the description.

You can also use css to specify the font color and size of the link, for example:

This is the description of WonderPlugin Slider. <br /><a href="https://www.wonderplugin.com" target="_blank" style="color:#990000;font-size:16px;">Learn More</a>

A demo is as following:

Multiple jQuery loaded in WordPress


I have a website in progress, I used Wonderplugin for WordPress and as I came across on the development, I cannot get it working.

I already uploaded images and configured everything on WordPress.

I also copied the shortcode to the php page that I am working on. But the carousel does not show up.


Normally this problem is because there are multiple jQuery files added to your WordPress.

You can view the HTML source code of your webpage, and check how many jQuery are added in your website.

In Google Chrome, you can view the HTML source code with menu View -> Developer -> View Source, then search text "jquery" in the source code.

There should be only one jQuery in the webpage, which is added by the WordPress system.

Some plugins add their own jQuery to the website, and this is not correct.

A plugin should always use the system installed jQuery, and the js files added from a plugin will be added after the system jQuery.

A jQuery will destroy all other jQuery functions that are added before it. So if a plugin adds its own jQuery, it may destroy other jQuery functions.

To fix the issue:

In the plugin, Setting menu, you can try to check the option "Add slider js scripts to the footer". This option will place the plugin js file to the footer and will fix the problem in most cases.

If the above option is not working, you can try to disable all other plugins and see whether the WonderPlugin works. If it works, you can then enable the plugins one by one, and find the plugin that causes the problem.

If WonderPlugin is still not working after you have disabled all other plugins, then the extra jQuery may have been added manually to the theme or the page, you need to find the code and remove it.

Change Skin of WordPress Slider


I have a problem with my Slider plugin on a site I am working on.

I built a slider. I have played around with different skins on the slider. When I changed skins however, the change does not show on the live webpage.

If I remade the same slider: completely started over, using same photos and the vertical skin. It looks perfect as you can see on site.

My problem is I don't seem to be able to switch skins after I have made a slider and make the slider look right on the website. It seems as the options are not resetting allowing me to remake the slider.


After you make change to the slider and before test it on your webpage:

1. Clear caches of your WordPress if you have a cache plugin installed.
2. Clear caches of your web browser before re-testing.

Position WordPress Slider on Webpage


So I fell in love with the free version of your Wonder Plugin Slider so I decided to upgrade to the commercial version. Now that I've deployed it on a site I'm working on for my company, I'm having trouble getting it to display properly on my page.

Specifically, I'm trying to create a space between your plugin and another plugin I'm using to display some logos. I've tried entering blank lines, tried the
tags, but nothing seems to work.

I'm not sure if this is a WordPress problem or something you can help with, but a response would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Very Respectfully


You can add the following HTML code between the two plugins, this will create a gap between them.

<div style="margin-top:100px;"></div>

You can change the margin top to a different value.