Add mp3 download link to audio player


Wonder Audio Player


How can I add download links to the player so my visitor can download the mp3 file?


You can add download links to the player track list.

In the plugin, step 2 Skins dialog, please choose a skin that has a track list, then in step 3, Options tab, click the Advanced Options button, enter the following text to the Data Options field:

data-tracklistitemformat="%ID%. %TITLE% <span style='float:right;'><a href='%AUDIOURL%' class='wpaudiodownloadlink' download='%TITLE%.mp3' target='_blank' onclick='event.stopPropagation();'>Download</a></span>"

In the above code, %ID%, %TITLE% and %AUDIOURL% are predefined macro variables. They will be replaced by each audio id, title and audio URL dynamically.

An online demo is as follows: