Add plugin js files to footer is not working


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In the plugin, settings menu, I checked the option "Add plugin js scripts to the footer", but the plugin js files are not added to the WordPress footer.


The plugin is using WordPress hook wp_footer to print the plugin js scripts to the footer. wp_footer is one of the most essential theme hooks.

The problem is because your WordPress theme does not call the WordPress function wp_footer() and the hook is not enabled. Please contact your WordPress theme provider and ask for how to support the wp_footer hook.

For more details about wp_footer hook and wp_footer() function, please view: and

How to play a shoutcast streaming with WonderPlugin Audio Player


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I wonder how could I play a shoutcast audio streaming with WonderPlugin Audio Player? I tried to enter the address of the .pls file to the plugin, but it's not playing.


The .pls file is actually a text file that contains a link or links to the audio streaming. You need to open the .pls file with a text editor, find the streaming URL and directly enter the streaming URL to the plugin.

If the streaming URL has a format like:


You need to add a suffix ;&type=mp3 and enter the following URL to the plugin:


Then in the plugin, step 1, Add Audio dialog, you can enter the streaming URL to the Mp3 URL box and check the option "This is a live streaming".

WordPress Live streaming Audio Player

An online demo is as following:

Add mp3 download link to audio player


WonderPlugin Audio Player


How can I add download links to the player so my visitor can download the mp3 file?


You can add download link of each audio file to the tracklist.

In step 3, Options tab, click the Advanced Options button, then enter the following text to the Advanced Options field:

data-tracklistitemformat="%ID%. %TITLE% <span style='position:absolute;top:0;right:0;'><a href='%AUDIOURL%' class='wpaudiodownloadlink' download='%TITLE%.mp3' target='_blank'>Right Click to Save</a></span>"

In the above code, %ID%, %TITLE% and %AUDIOURL% are predefined macro variables. They will be replaced by each audio id, title and audio URL dynamically.

Please note. The download attribute only works for Chrome 14.0 and above, Firefox 20.0 and above, Opera 15.0 and above. On other web browsers, if you directly click the link, instead of downloading the mp3 file, these web browsers will open and play the mp3.

This is the default behaviour of these web browsers, and there is no way to change that, unless you use some server side script to dynamically modify the HTTP header.

To download the mp3 file, you need to ask your users to right click on the link, and select Save Link As from the context menu.

Audio Player with Download Link

On web browsers other than Chrome, Firefox and Opera, left clicking the link will play the mp3 file. To avoid confusing the visitors, you can add the following JavaScript to the header.php of your WordPress theme, just before the head closing tag </head>. The script will disable left click on the link except for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
  jQuery(".wpaudiodownloadlink").click(function() {
    var isChrome = (navigator.userAgent.match(/Chrome/i) != null);
    var isFirefox = (navigator.userAgent.match(/Firefox/i) != null);
    var isOpera = (navigator.userAgent.match(/Opera/i) != null);
    if (isChrome || isFirefox || isOpera)
      return true;
      return false;