How to play a Shoutcast streaming in WordPress audio player


Wonder Audio Player


I wonder how could I play a Shoutcast audio streaming with Wonder Audio Player? I tried to enter the address of the .pls file to the plugin, but it's not playing.


For full instructions of how to create a Shoutcast live streaming player in WordPress, please view the tutorial: How to create a WordPress Shoutcast player.

The .pls file is actually a text file that contains a link or links to the audio streaming. You need to open the .pls file with a text editor, find the streaming URL and directly enter the streaming URL to the plugin.

If the streaming URL has a format like:


You need to add a suffix ;&type=mp3 and enter the following URL to the plugin:


Then in the plugin, step 1, Add Audio dialog, you can enter the streaming URL to the Mp3 URL box and check the option "This is a live streaming".

You can view the tutorials on the page: