Display ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Image in Wonder Carousel


Wonder Carousel and Wonder 3D Carousel


You can use the Wonder Carousel and Wonder 3D Carousel plugin to create a carousel from WordPress custom post types. By default, the plugin will use the featured image of the post as the carousel image. This tutorial will guide you how to define an image custom field using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), then show the images in the custom post types carousel.
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How to add extra buttons to control a WordPress audio player on the same webpage

This tutorial will guide you how to add your own buttons to play/pause/rewind/fast forward a WordPress audio player created with the plugin Wonder Audio Player.

If the audio player has a playlist, the tutorial will also guide you how to add buttons to play a specific song in the playlist or switch to the previous or next song.

There are two steps in this tutorial:

  • Step 1 - Create an audio player with Wonder Audio Player plugin
  • Step 2 - Add buttons to control the audio player

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WordPress Lightbox and Ajax Loading


Wonder Lightbox Version 9.3 or above


After installing the plugin Wonder Lightbox, simply adding a class wplightbox to any link will activate the lightbox effect and open the image, video, PDF or webpage in a lightbox popup.

The plugin Wonder Lightbox initialises the lightbox effect in the jQuery document ready event. But if the webpage content is loaded via Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), the wplightbox links in the content will not have a chance to be initialised and hence will not work.

This tutorial will discuss two types of Ajax loading and provide solutions for each type.

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Plugin conditional loading: how to activate and load WordPress plugins on selected pages or posts only

By default WordPress will enable all activated plugins on all WordPress posts and pages, and will load all relative CSS and JavaScript plugin files on these pages.

In some cases, you may want to only enable a plugin and load the relative files on some specific pages. For example, if your website has a gallery page, you may want to only enable the gallery plugin on this page, thus speed up the loading of other pages.
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How to set up a GDPR content blocker to block YouTube and Vimeo videos in WordPress Grid Gallery

By using the plugin Wonder Grid Gallery, you can create a YouTube and Vimeo video gallery for your WordPress website.

This tutorial will guide you how to set up a GDPR content blocker to block YouTube and Vimeo videos in the gallery before a visitor accepts the consent or if the visitor chooses to not accept the consent.

We will use the free plugin WordPress Real Cookie Banner to set up the content blocker.
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