How to open an audio player in a WordPress lightbox popup

This tutorial will guide you how to open an audio player created with WonderPlugin Audio Player in a WordPress lightbox popup. We use the plugin WonderPlugin Carousel to create the carousel and the lightbox.
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Open a different lightbox gallery for each thumbnail in a WordPress carousel

In WonderPlugin Carousel, when you click on a thumbnail in the carousel, by default, it will open a lightbox galley which includes all images/videos in the current carousel.

This tutorial will guide you how to open a different lightbox gallery for each thumbnail in the carousel. We will use both plugins WonderPlugin Carousel and WonderPlugin Portfolio Grid Gallery.

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Playing audio on the first page visit of the website


WonderPlugin Audio Player


I wonder is there a way to play an audio snippet 30 seconds after someone lands on any page of my website, but I would only want it to play once...not each time they go to a new page. Is that possible and would it be simple to do?

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WordPress Flip Carousel with Text


WonderPlugin Carousel


I am using the FLIP skin (which is why I bought it) - I really need the title of the post to appear in the carousel.

At the moment it’s used in the title property of the photo when flipped, but I need it to appear below the photo within the carousel, so people know what they are flipping.


In the plugin, step 3, Options tab, Content template, add the following line to the end of the existing text:

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How to add a slider to WordPress theme and create a full width slider

It's easy to create a full width slider if your WordPress theme has a full width layout. Just adding a responsive full width slider to the page content, the slider will be full width automatically.

But if the WordPress theme has a boxed layout, that's, the page content is not full width, the main wrapper has a maximum width limit and has paddings around it, if you add the slider to the page content, since the page is not full width, by default, the slider is limited to the page and will also be boxed.

This tutorial will guide you how to create a WordPress full width slider even in a WordPress theme of boxed layout. There are 3 steps in this tutorial:

  • Step 1 - Install Wonder Slider
  • Step 2 - Create a full width slider
  • Step 3 - Publish the slider

At the end of this tutorial, we will create a WordPress full width slider as demonstrated in the following page: WordPress Full Width Slider.

We will also discuss how to directly add the slider PHP code to your WordPress theme if it's required in some cases.

  • Additional - Add the slider PHP code to WordPress theme file

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Moving WordPress to a New Domain


WonderPlugin Slider, WonderPlugin Gallery, WonderPlugin Portfolio Grid Gallery, WonderPlugin Carousel and WonderPlugin Audio Player


When you move your WordPress to a new domain name, you many find the image, video and audio links in the plugins are not updated, they still point to the old domain name. This tutorial will guide you how to update the links and fix the problem.

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I upgraded to commercial version, but the free version watermark remains


All Wonder Plugins


I purchased the commercial version and have received my membership login password. I downloaded the commercial version and followed the upgrade instructions as posted on your website, however, the free version watermark remains.
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