How to track tab clicks with Google Analytics


WonderPlugin Tabs version 4.6 and above


For your WordPress tabs plugin, does it work with Google Analytics? Is there an way to allow me to find out "pageview" for each individual tab?


In the plugin, step 3 Options tab -> "Tab Options", check the option "Enable Google Analytics", then enter your Google tracking ID to the following input box.

The tab clicks will be logged as page view in your Google Analytics account, and it will add a URL parameter tabid=TABID to the current page URL. The TABID starts from 0.

For example, for the tabs on the page, one click of the second tab will be logged as one page view of /wordpress-tabs/?tabid=1 in Google Analytics, one click of the third tab will be logged as /wordpress-tabs/?tabid=2.

How to add the slider to the WordPress theme and create a full width slider


WonderPlugin Slider


My WordPress theme has a boxed layout design, that's, the page content is not full width. The main wrapper has a maximum width limit and has paddings around it.

I added the WonderPlugin slider shortcode to the page and it's not full width. How could I make it full width?


Firstly, in WonderPlugin Slider, step 3, Options tab, Slider Options, check both option "Create a responsive slider" and "Create a full width slider".

To create a full width slider, you need to add the slider to your WordPress theme. If you add the slider to the page, since the page is not full width, the slider is limited to the page.

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Moving WordPress to a New Domain


WonderPlugin Slider, WonderPlugin Gallery, WonderPlugin Portfolio Grid Gallery, WonderPlugin Carousel and WonderPlugin Audio Player


When you move your WordPress to a new domain name, you many find the image, video and audio links in the plugins are not updated, they still point to the old domain name. This tutorial will guide you how to update the links and fix the problem.

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I upgraded to commercial version, but the free version watermark remains


All WonderPlugin Products


I purchased the commercial version and have received my membership login password. I downloaded the commercial version and followed the upgrade instructions as posted on your website, however, the free version watermark remains.


Firstly, please goto the plugin menu Overview, check the title of the plugin. For commercial versions, it should say "WonderPlugin PLUGIN_NAME Commercial Version VERSION_NUMBER C".

If it still shows "Free Version", then it means your website is still running the free version. Please follow this tutorial to upgrade:

If the title is correct, then it's normally a cache issue. There may be four caches that you need to clear.

1. Web server cache by your web hosts. Some web hosts will cache web files, for example, GoDaddy, WPEngine and DreamHost. Please contact your web hosting provider and ask them whether the web files are cached and how to clear the cache.

2. Website cache or JS minification/combination by your WordPress. If you have a cache plugin installed in your WordPress, for example, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, empty the cache in the plugin. Some JavaScript minification/combination plugins will also cache JS files. If you are using one of these plugins, make sure you empty the cache or re-combine the JS files.

3. Your local web browser cache. Please clear caches of your web browser after you upgrade the plugin.

4. CDN sync. Some web hosting providers use CDN to deliver image and js files. In this case, you need to force to sync your content to all CDN servers. If you are using a CDN, please contact your web hosting provider for how to do this.