Change the gap between big picture and thumbnail navigation of skins with a vertical navigation carousel


* This question is for WordPress slider skin that has a vertical navigation carousel on the right side, for example: FeatureList, Vertical and VerticalNumber.

Yesterday I bought the enterprise version of the wonder plugin (slider).

I have the latest version of WordPress running.
I am really happy with the plugin, but i have one question.

Can i make the padding or the margin between the big picture and the thumbnails smaller?
I have enclosed an screenshot. Where the arrow points the space must be altered.

Thanks for your time.


Firstly, please check whether you are using Version 1.7 or above, if not, please goto your membership area and download the latest version.

To change the margin between the big picture and right side navigation carousel:

In Step 3, Options tab, Advanced Options, enter the following text in the Advanced Options field:


How to convert video to HTML5 compatible MP4 format

This tutorial will show you how to convert a video file to HTML5 compatible MP4 format.

MP4 format is supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, iPhone, iPad, Android and Flash. In this tutorial, we use the freeware Handbrake to convert the video to HTML5 compatible MP4 videos.

You can use the WordPress plugin Wonder Gallery to play the video or create a video gallery in WordPress or the plugin Wonder Lightbox to play the video in a lightbox popup.

Step 1 - Download Handbrake

Handbrake is an open source, GPL-licensed application for encoding MP4 video. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac. It has a graphic interface which is straightforward and easy to use.

Step 2 - Convert the video to MP4 format with Handbrake

In the main dialog of Handbrake, click the Open Source button and select a video file.


click to enlarge the image

On the top right of the dialog, click the button Presets. In the Presets menu, you can select the option Web -> Vimeo YouTube HQ 1080p60, Vimeo YouTube HQ 720p60 or Vimeo YouTube 720p30 or other options that suit your needs.

If you change the default options, make sure you check the option Web Optimized. The option is also known as "Fast start" or "Progressive downloading". It places the video header at the start of the file and allows your video to start playing while it's still downloading.

If the video playback is choppy when you select the preset Vimeo YouTube HQ 1080p60, you can also try the preset General> -> Fast 1080p30. Make sure you check the option Web Optimized after you select this preset.

At the bottom of the dialog, select a folder to save the converted video file.

Click Start and wait for the encoding complete.

One MP4 format to play in all web browsers and devices


Wonder Gallery


Can I only use one mp4 video format to play in all web browsers?


Yes, with our WordPress gallery plugin Wonder Gallery, you only need to provide one mp4 format to play in all web browsers and devices.

In iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 10 and above, the gallery plugin will use HTML5 to play the mp4 video.

In legacy web browsers, for example, Internet Explorer 8 and 9, the gallery plugin will use Flash to play the mp4 video.

If your mp4 video does not play in the web browsers and devices, it's probably because the video is not HTML5 compatible. You can view this tutorial to convert the video file to HTML5 compatible: How to convert video to HTML5 compatible.

Change Skin of WordPress Slider


I have a problem with my Slider plugin on a site I am working on.

I built a slider. I have played around with different skins on the slider. When I changed skins however, the change does not show on the live webpage.

If I remade the same slider: completely started over, using same photos and the vertical skin. It looks perfect as you can see on site.

My problem is I don't seem to be able to switch skins after I have made a slider and make the slider look right on the website. It seems as the options are not resetting allowing me to remake the slider.


After you make change to the slider and before test it on your webpage:

1. Clear caches of your WordPress if you have a cache plugin installed.
2. Clear caches of your web browser before re-testing.

Link target on Images of WonderPlugin Gallery and Grid Gallery


I would like to put a link on one of my images in a Gallery (and I also want to do the same thing in a Grid). I found two different options in the Edit window of my image in the Step 1: "click to open web link" (which seems to be the right one after some tests) and "Set web link target" (which does nothing for me, or I can not understand what it does and I would be happy if you can help me understand what it does).
Then, I have done some more tests with the "click to open web link" option, but I found some issues: firstly, with a link on an image of a Grid, the link is opened "correctly" as expected, but with a link on an image of a Gallery, the link is opened in a new tab and I really don't want that. So, perhaps it could be possible to change that or to add an option to be able to choose if the link has to be opened in a new tab or not?


For both plugins:

To force the link opening at the same tab, in the "Set web link target", enter: _self

To force the link opening in a new tab, in the "Set web link target", enter: _blank

Read title and description from WordPress Media Library


I am using WonderPlugin Gallery. Regarding the CAPTIONS: is there a way to display the images captions that already exists in the WordPress Media Library? (and which are usually edited here)

(as i understand the concept of the wonderplugins the captions are driven and stored in a different database?)


When you add an image from Media Library, it will use "title" in the Media Library as the title, and use "description" in the Media Library as the description.

After the image is added from Media Library, any change in the Media Library will NOT be reflected into the gallery.

WordPress Gallery Media Library

Making the shadow underneath the slider larger


I have the commercial version of WonderPlugin Slider Plugin and am trying to make the shadow underneath the plugin appear larger on my homepage. I like how it sits down lower on your page but it seems to get lost on my page.


In Step 3, Options tab, Advanced Options panel, enter the following text to the Advanced Options:


The two options define the width and the top position of the underneath shadow (percentage compared to the image).

Allow Editors access the WordPress gallery plugin


I have recently discovered and tried WonderPlugin Gallery and it is clearly the best gallery plugin that I have ever tried. So, thanks a lot for a such plugin. However, I found a quite annoying issue: it is not possible to handle galleries using a non-administrator account, so users with "editor" rights can not create nor modify galleries. Therefore I would like to know if you plan to add a such feature in a near future?


This feature is supported in new version 1.6.

In the Settings page, you can you can set the minimum user role to Administrator, Editor or Author.

WordPress Gallery User Roles

Dimension of WordPress Gallery Player


I bought the commercial version of WordPress Gallery Plugin a few days ago, and am getting up to speed.
Quick question, the playback viewer in WonderPlugin is 1000 x 556. Is that fixed? Is there a way to increase the dimensions?


In the Plugin dashboard, gallery editor, step 3, Options tab, Gallery Options. If you have checked the option "Support responsive web design", the gallery will automatically resize itself to its container.

If you did not check the option, it will use the width and height defined in the above "General Options".

WordPress Gallery Size